• AFL Services ensure the Australian Standards on adhesion are met at all times. One of our strengths is understanding the difference between surface profile and the class of blast.
  • Our experience enables us to quickly discern between the state of cleanliness of a surface and its shape and profile. We understand the link between preparation for painting and application.
  • Our process is to assess the form of corrosion, clean the surface, add adhesion to renew the surface, then painting and maintenance.
  • After all, there’s little point in fixing the problem if it’s simply going to reappear a short time later.
  • Our aim is to not only fix the problem but try to make sure as far as possible that it doesn’t recur anytime soon. We identify and rid corrosion and visual contaminants from surfaces as diverse as wood, glass, rubber and fiberglass.

Our edge is our knowledge of the industry and our attitude of always providing COMPLETE SOLUTIONS.