Structural Remediation is the most cost-effective approach in Asset Protection to prolong or extend the life of a critical asset such as highway, bridges, tanks, boats, pipes, etc. AFL delivers the structure remediation on both steel and concrete.

For concrete, AFL perform the following services:

  • Concrete Repair reduce the rate of deterioration due to the corrosion of reinforcement and the resulting volumetric changes associated with the corrosion effects which may lead to further cracking and spalling. Depending on the width of the cracks, different methods will be used to repair the concrete.
  • Structural Strengthening is the process of upgrading structures to improve the performance under existing loads or to increase the strength of structural members to carry additional load. AFL is experienced with two types of product: Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) and Steel Reinforcement.
  • Cathodic Protection is the primary solution for preserving reinforced concrete structures. Cathodic Protection can increase the lifespan of a structure such as bridges significantly.
  • Shotcrete Application is an extremely versatile material that can be easily and rapidly applied to provide a cost-effective means of construction. It forms an excellent bond to a number of substrates including rock, concrete, masonry and steel. It is suited to a wide range of ground-support applications, linings, and building structures.


For steel remediation, AFL can perform:

  • Column & Beam Repairs, when steel structures such as column(s) or I-beam(s) can lose thickness due to corrosion. AFL is experienced in the repair of these structures by cutting out the damaged sections. A new steel plate is welded in the damaged section. After surgical works, AFL will blast and paint the section to ensure the steel is being protected from further corrosion.
  • Protective Coatings are the most common way to reduce corrosion by limiting the exposure of the metal to a corrosive environment. AFL is experienced in the application of paint to multiple substrates such as steel, wood, concrete, or even in some cases plastic. Moreover, AFL also provides a complete coating system for all structure remediation from the following manufacturers:
    • International Paints
    • Dulux
    • Jotun
    • PPG

AFL Services uses a broad range of protective coating for Asset Protection including:

  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethanes
  • Organic and inorganic zinc-rich
  • Fiber glass
  • Plastic
  • Conductive or non-conductive

We have a partnership to complete the automotive vehicles for Defenses including buses for the private sector, and trains for the Department of Transport.


Span from retaining walls to block feature walls to rendering to texture coatings. AFL completed a large project on the Torrens to Torrens South where we repaired texture coating on four kilometers worth of wall.

Depend on the type of the defects, AFL can perform the following:

  • Crack Injection for the small crack less than 0.2 mm
  • Resin Injection for the crack from 0.3 mm to 1 mm
  • Spalling and Scaling Repairs: A spall may due to the action of the weather, pressure by overstressing, expansion of the surface concrete as a result of corrosion of steel reinforcement or impact damage. Cracks associated with the spalls are usually wide, long, and deep enough to reach the steel reinforcement or prestressing steel.


Passive Fire Protection is one of the most important aspects needing to be considered in new building, property, or equipment. Passive Fire Protection is designed to make fires difficult to ignite and difficult to spread through the building.

AFL Services pride itself in its ability to be able to apply vermiculite and intumescent to the required film thicknesses. This is proven to be needed more and more to be a cosmetic finish for feature columns and feature steel work in various locations.

AFL Services is the best in the industry in supplying this cosmetic revealed members with Passive Fire Protection. AFL are specialists in, but not limited to the following products:

  • International Paints Charteck & Interchar
  • Promat CAFCO 300 & CAFCO Fenderlite


AFL Services has been known for its premium level of environment protection under the PCCP 3,4, 5 and 6 category.

AFL has exceptional knowledge on abrasive blasting and the difference between surface cleanliness and surface profile including grit and shot discerning.

This makes AFL Services the very best at the basic fundamentals to deliver your projects. AFL have also exceeded lead removal accreditation PCCP 5  which allow us to remove Lead, Zinc chromate, Arsenic and Cadmium.

Australian Standards AS/NZS 4361.1:2017 require the proper removal of hazardous paints including those containing lead, zinc chromate, arsenic and cadmium. AFL will use the below methods as per AS 4361.1.

  • Full Encapsulation
  • Suppressing and Extracting Dust
  • Medical and Environmental Monitoring before, during and after the works
  • AFL holds PCCP accreditation for hazardous paint removal & handling
  • Above standard also includes the reporting, settlement soil and water testing, high volume air sampling and the interchange of all filtration as needed to comply with these procedures.


AFL Services is inline with our Environmental Protection Policy has a Water Asset Protection Plan which is used in conjunction with its Project Management Plan to deliver some of the best outcome for Water Asset Protection.

Because of our involvement with bridges, culverts, concrete lining, and pipe works as a major fundamental that the water flows through these items and structure asset is protected for years to come as well as the asset itself.


AFL has  vast knowledge in Bura Charter in South Australia among other charter around Australia for heritage restoration. Our knowledge of various substrates  and our ability to provide holistic solutions to concrete, timber, glass, etc.

We often work in hazardous circumstances, and at heights, but always with a mind to the strategies of safety. We are keen to maintain our leadership in the field of heritage conversation as done on the Albert Bridge Adelaide pictured here.

We have completed many projects such as Victoria Square Fountain. We pride ourselves on the interfaces between these substrates. Including flexible/rigid jointing and filling required for the assets protection.


AFL Services have an inhouse Environmental Engineer who look after and collaborate Environmental Management Plan for each and every projects.

We have been given allocated on our Environmental Protection Protection from both EPA and SafeWork SA.

Our Environmental Protection Plan are second to none in Australia. We price ourselves on making environmental different and have a great passion for the flora and fauna of Australia.


AFL has involved to paint removal market. We could remove the following coatings from various substrates such as metals, concretes, wood, etc.:

  • PFOS and PFAS
  • Industrial Coating
  • Hazardous Coating

We have successful done this around Australia on many of the aviation site and defense bases. We have done water tanks as well as water distribution pipe work providing a holistic results for end user either above ground or below ground.

We have develop strategy to deliver some of the most complex tasks.


  • Water Jetting: AFL Services have the ability for the High Pressure. AFL can use high pressure for Water Jetting Concrete, cleaning up Rio and concrete cleaning as well as steel washing for all types of Industrial Structures.
  • Pressure Washing can be done either inhouse for grease and grime removal or pressure washing structures such as lighthouses in marine environments. AFL Services have unique ways of managing the environmental fallout from pressure washing and use Hight Pressure activities.
  • Hydro Demolition: AFL Services certified to level 1 and 2 for their operators for Hydro Demolition. Hydro Demolition can be done by robot or by manual methods to either /cut through concrete and create surface condition suitable for repair and maintenance of any concrete structure. We have particular skills in Itara a rope access Hydro Demolition robot chain link methods and the interfaces between hydro demolition works still services and other protective services. We also can do sheet piles and surgical add another orange box for erosion and rip rap mattress installation. AFL can help with all your bridge erosion techniques such as rip rap mattress retaining structures and erosion preventative growth.


AFL Services also perform the following services:

  • Expansion Joint Removal or Installation are primarily utilised to compensate for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes and other factors. AFL is experienced with the installation of expansion joints on bridges or roads.
  • Bird Netting Removal or Installation is used to prevent birds from reaching or accessing certain areas. It passively encourages them to move on to an easier roosting place. This method prolongs the lifespan of the protective coating on structures such as bridges, jetties, etc.
  • Waterproofing Membrane Application protects structural integrity and health. It reduces the maintenance costs and clean up.
  • Denso Petrolatum Tapes Installation provide above, below ground and underwater protection to pipelines, fittings, tank bases, steel structures and many more. Petrolatum tape wrap systems can easily be applied by hand to most surfaces in arctic and tropical temperature environments.
  • CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) is used for reliable and high performance structural strengthening systems. AFL supply and install CFRP on bridges, beams, ceilings and walls.


AFL services provide the highest standard of blasting and painting in the industry, we can restore any surface of any size and any location to health.
We have one of the most highly trained and skilled teams in the industry and our reputation is built on quality and delivery in the most demanding environments.
Our management team have the expertise to find solutions to the most complex problems and the experience to manage projects through to completion. Read More