When the State Government constructed their new building on Nile Street Port Adelaide, one of the first tasks was to find a new home for the historic Jervois Bridge structure which was situated over the entrance to the old car park.
The City of PAE carefully removed the structure and took it to our Kilburn Depot for repairs and maintenance, including removal of lead paint and a thorough refurbishment to protect it for years to come.
Our contractor, AFL Services in Elizabeth, had recently completed restoration work on the historic Birkenhead Bridge so were the perfect business to take on the task.
Works included painting of the existing iron and steel structure both inside and outside, full replacement of the timber deck, refurbishment of the Control Room, replacement glass and many other little jobs to protect the structure.
Soon, this remnant of the original bridge which connected the peninsula to the mainland will be moved to a prominent and permanent home on the waterfront.
It’s new home near Harts Mill, will see the structure as close as possible to its original location, while making it less likely to be disturbed by any potential development in future years. This site was chosen in consultation with the Port Adelaide Historical Society Incorporated, Port of Adelaide National Trust, Renewal SA and Mulloway Studio. The location is pending on a decision at Tuesday’s council meeting and we will then work through the Development Application.
Jervois in progress
Jervois completed

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