AFL Services Abrasive Blasting Australia started in Veitch Road, Outer Harbor in 1994 and moved to Wingfield in 2004 before assuming the mantle of AFL Services in 2009.

At Wingfield, AFL boasts a 1250 sq metre undercover work area housing two massive spray booths large enough to accommodate a 250 tonne crane. AFL prides itself as specialists in mobile encapsulations to any size. No matter how big, no matter how oddly shaped, AFL Services can encapsulate it so we can work safe from the elements.

The core team at AFL hovers at about 15 but that can be rapidly expanded to meet the demands of any assignment.

AFL Services can go to any location to carry out the tasks required. On land, over water and even 200 metres in the air as is the case with grain hoppers. The company’s mobile workshop gives it a versatility that allows it to set up its operations wherever the client demands.

AFL guarantees

  • To stand behind the quality of our service
  • Provide after sales maintenance
  • Formulate solutions to any work related problem
  • Treat all clients with courtesy and caring
  • and provide solutions that will increase the clients profitability
Lindsay Scragg

Lindsay Scragg, Managing Director

With a background in the automotive industry,Lindsay’s sales expertise has helped AFL acquire significant contracts with the Defence Department. Lindsay tends to all customer requests and demands while promoting the continual training and welfare of his workforce.

Adam Levi

Adam Levi, Operations Manager

The technical genius behind AFL’s success in handling the more demanding tasks, is Adam, who in all practical matters is the go-to man. With many years experience in surface preparation and profiling, blasting, abrasives, painting,coating inspection and adhesion, Adam guides the team to guarantee the quality for which AFL is famous.

Project Types

  • Wharves & Jetties
  • Bridge Repair
  • Revetments & Retaining Systems
  • Tanks
  • Coastal Industrial Structures
  • Pipes & Services
  • Boat Ramps
  • Moorings
  • Fenders
  • Buoys
  • Seawalls & Revetments
  • Sheet Pile Walls
  • Breakwater Structures
  • Outfall Pipes
  • Spill Containment & Clean Up
  • Marine Structures
  • Submarine Pipelines
  • Piles & foundations