• The biggest job AFL Services have done was a tank the size of a large football field from rust damaged to brand new. The smallest job was removing built up ink from the tiny nodules of a digital printer.
  • Every job includes a proper assessment of the task at hand. The crucial question is not only how to clean the surface but why did the surface become contaminated in the first place and how can we prevent that?
  • We identify the problem and why it’s there. We then decide the optimal resolution and how to maintain the reclaimed surface.
  • AFL Services has been a supplier to the Australian Defence Force for the past seven years and specialize in the refurbishment of war weary vehicles.
  • The Australian Defence Force contracts are of high and demanding standards, and at AFL Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to continually meet and, where possible, exceed those levels of expectations.


AFL Services through innovation will link specialist skills and provide a Blanket approach to corrosion and maintenance issues. We offer Australian Standard Compliance, Innovation, and Practical Engineered Packages of the Highest Quality and Workmanship.


Our vision is to research and develop systems to aid clients and their specific needs with cost effective next generation solutions.


Structural Remediation

AFL delivery the structure remediation on both steel and concrete. We could do:

  • Concrete Repair
  • Structural Strengthening
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Shotcrete Application

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Specialty Protective Coatings

AFL Services does a broad range of protective coating such as:

  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethanes
  • Organic and inorganic zinc-rich
  • Fiber glass
  • Plastic
  • Conductive or non-conductive

Water Asset

AFL Services is inline with our Environmental Protection Policy has a Water Asset Protection Plan which is used in conjunction with its Project Management Plan to deliver some of the best outcome for Water Asset Protection.

Because of our involvement with bridges, culverts, concrete lining, and pipe works as a major fundamental that the water flows through these items and structure asset is protected for years to come as well as the asset itself.

Passive Fire Protection

AFL Services price itself in its ability to be able to apply vermiculite and intumescent to the require film thicknesses. This is proven to be more and more needed to be cosmetic finish due to feature columns and feature steel work inside various location.

AFL Services is the best in the industries as supplying this cosmetic reveal steel members with Passive Fire Protection.

Environmental Protection

AFL Services have an inhouse Environmental Engineer who look after and collaborate Environmental Management Plan for each and every projects.

We have been given allocated on our Environmental Protection Protection from both EPA and SafeWork SA.

Our Environmental Protection Plan are second to none in Australia. We price ourselves on making environmental different and have a great passion for the flora and fauna of Australia.

Concrete Repairs
Structural – Decorative

Span from retaining walls to block feature walls to rendering to texture coatings. AFL completed a large project on the Torrent to Torrent South where we repaired texture coating on four kilometers worth of wall.

AFL is the go-to people when it’s more than just a house painter needed.

Heritage Restoration
Various Substrates

AFL has  vast knowledge in Bura Charter in South Australia among other charter around Australia for heritage restoration. Our knowledge of various substrates  and our ability to provide holistic solutions to concrete, timber, glass, etc.

We often work in hazardous circumstances, and at heights, but always with a mind to the strategies of safety. We are keen to maintain our leadership in the field of heritage conversation.

We has completed many project such as Victoria Square Fountain. We price ourselves the interfaces between these substrates and the joining sector including jointing and bridging of any of the requirement of the asset operation.

PCCP Accredited Lead Paint Removal

AFL Services has been known for its premium level of environment protection under the PCCP 3,4, 5 and 6 category.

AFL has exceptional knowledge on abrasive blasting and the different between surface cleanliness and surface profile including grit and shot description.

This make AFL Services the very best at basic fundamental to delivery your projects. We then exceed to lead removal accreditation PCCP 5  which allow us to remove Lead, Zinc chromate, Arsenic and Cadmium. Once above available standard including the reporting, the settlement soil and water testing, the high volume air sampling and the interchange of all filtration as needed to comply with this procedure.

Coating Removal Specialists

AFL has involved to paint removal market. We could remove the many different type coatings from various substrates such as metals, concretes, wood, etc.:

We have successful done this around Australia on many of the aviation site and defense bases. We have done water tanks as well as water distribution pipe work providing a holistic results for end user either above ground or below ground.

We have develop strategy to deliver some of the most complex tasks.

Water Jetting

AFL Services have the ability for the High Pressure. AFL can use high pressure for Water Jetting Concrete, cleaning up Rio and concrete cleaning as well as steel washing for all types of Industrial Structures.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can be done either inhouse for grease and grime removal or pressure washing structures such as lighthouses in marine environments.

AFL Services have unique ways of managing the environmental fallout from pressure washing and use Hight Pressure activities.

Hydro Demolition

AFL Services certified to level 1 and 2 for their operators for Hydro Demolition. Hydro Demolition can be done by robot or by manual methods to either /cut through concrete and create surface condition suitable for repair and maintenance of any concrete structure.

We have particular skills in Itara a rope access Hydro Demolition robot chain link methods and the interfaces between hydro demolition works still services and other protective services. We also can do sheet piles and surgical add another orange box for erosion and rip rap mattress installation.

AFL can help with all your bridge erosion techniques such as rip rap mattress retaining structures and erosion preventative growth.

Jack Miller

Jack Miller, Project Engineer

Jack Miller

Shiloh Phillips, Ladd Electrical

“All of the paint work came out perfect. You gave us a great service and I will recommend AFL Services in the future. Thank you”

Shiloh Phillips
Ladd Electrical

Nick McAuley

“Many thanks for the job you have done and the time AFL did the job in, SMART fabrication is very impressed.”

Nick McAuley

Dave Raynor WHS consultant/educator

A great presentation to your work group today Adam, a credit to the management team for your proactive approach in regards to the Covid 19 Health crisis, keep up the fantastic job regards Dave Rayner WHS consultant/educator

Dave Raynor
WHS consultant/educator